Wedding Suits

 The Colours of a Wedding Suit




1. Black - The Traditional Formal Wedding

The accepted color of formal occasions is black, and a classic jet-black suit or tuxedo will almost always show a groom and is party at their best. The black coloured suit or tuxedo was specifically designed to play the role of foil to the more elegant pageantry of the colourful females dress. For a formal wedding where the bride is star the start go for a jet-black suit or tuxedo in a classic cut. We would normally advise a 260-280gram merino wool to allow a comfortable transition from day to evening wear.

2. Sharkskin Blue or Grey -The Informal Wedding

When the wedding design is a more casual affair the black formal suit should be exchanged for a more relaxed grey, blue or sharkskin. These more neutral coloured suits convey a casual nonchalance of a groom in control of the occasion, without the stuffiness of a formal outfit. To offer a stylistic edge to the wedding down outfit, we craft contrasting besom pockets and inner linings to provide a hint of flair whilst still conforming the the formality of the occasion.

3 . Plaids or Checks - The Vintage Countryside Wedding

Whilst solid colours are the order of the day for traditional weddings, a vintage countryside wedding calls for soft plaid checks in grey, beige or blue. Depending on the season, choose from between 230gram wool/mohair blends (summer) or a more heavy weight English style 320grms weave for the cooler months. A crisp white shirt will provide the perfect canvas to this detailed suit pattern.

4. Lightweight Blues & Greys - The Summer Garden Wedding

The Summer garden wedding calls for a suit as cool as the groom. A 230gram wool or wool/mohair blend combined with canvas (as opposed to fused) construction and bemberg lining means the suit will ventilate – ensuring the groom keeps his cool in even the harshest wedding day conditions. Hacking (angled) pockets and flat front trousers complete this modern look.

5. White or Multi-coloured- The Bollywood Wedding

Whether you have been cast as the villain in a James Bond movie or you are the star in a Bollywood wedding – it’s time to break out the Nehru suit! The Nehru suit, with its characteristic mandarin collar was first introduced by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the president of India from 1947-1962. Since then it’s been a favourite with mod rock bands (the beatles & the Monkees), James Bond Villains (Dr No, Ernst Blofeld & Karl Stromberg) & South East Asian formal gatherings.

So whether your wedding is a classic formal occasion, a summer garden wedding or a Bollywood extravaganza, the is a wedding suit fabric to match the occasion.

By Ramon Elzinga